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Communication projects

Cultura 2.0 (for EduTube Italia)

Cultura 2.0 (Culture 2.0) was an ambitious project dedicated to providing high-schoolers with useful skills which are usually not provided by the school itself (e.g. identifying fake news).

The project was then absorbed by the association EduTube which included several of the most popular YouTubers in the field of education (and I become the project’s coordinator). Cultura 2.0 was EduTube’s first project in public schools, which resulted also in its first media appearance.

Rete Elettrica del Nuovo Illuminismo

La Rete Elettrica del nuovo illuminismo (the network for a new illuminism) was a project dedicated to creating a network of youtube channels and activists in the field of rationality.

Despite its very short lifespan, this project was able to involve several influential channels as Antimaterialista and FilosofoJoe (~10’000 subscribers).

Amore per la razionalità

Amore per la razionalità (literally Love for rationality) is the project that resulted from Cultura 2.0. The main objective of this project was spreading thinking skills and rationality. Furthermore, it was not aimed only at high-schools but at people of every age. Because of that it consisted in a massive use of social media.

The youtube channel counted more than 10’000 hours of watch-time and the production of more than 200 videos. It also resulted in collaborations with many popular channels active in the field of scientific communication and rationality (see here for details).