ESSA@work fest edition – 18/Mar/2021

Together with the other members, we organized a special track at the Social Simulation Fest. Next step, organizing the September event in Cracow, Poland!

On the News – 27/Nov/2020

The UL Link magazine (which is circulated with the Irish Times newspaper) features an article about me and the other Marie Curie fellows. I am happy to be part of such an amazing group!

Link: https://edition.pagesuite…

Marie Curie Competition – 29/Sep/2020

Together with more than 100 people, I enrolled for the a special edition of the Falling Walls competition. In this one, only awardee of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship could apply.
I was honoured to be one of the twenty people selected to present during the event. Unfortunately, I was not able to win, but I was still able to be in the top 5%.


University of Limerick news – 3/Mar/2020

The University of Limerick publishes an article on the four post-docs awarded with a Marie Curie fellowship.
For some reason, in the article, you will enjoy our pretty faces as big as your computer screen!


Hosting math superstar Marco Ripà – 28/Jul/2019

A discussion with Marco Ripà (>170’000 subscribers) on my channel on maths, IQ and the concept of intelligence.


Hosting experts of social communication – 28/May/2019

Davide Dissetti, Luca Sadhaka and Matteo Flora (>20’000 subscribers) participated in a live-stream on my channel for discussing the best strategy for engaging with anti-vaxxers.


Host on “Ateotube” – 2/ Jun/2018

I have been invited for an interview on the channel Ateotube, an Italian channel on rationality and fact checking.


Hosting popular philosophy channels –  20/May/2019

I was honoured to host on my channel three of the biggest Italian Youtubers in the field of philosophy. Specifically, Dottor SadRay, Filosofo Joe and Rick duFer (more than 10’000 visuals per video).


Host on “to the science and beyond” – 1/Oct/2017

I have been invited to the channel To the science and beyond (popular Italian youtube channel on scientific communication) for speaking on vaccines and fake news.


Cultura 2.0 on the news – 3/Jun/2017

My project, Cultura 2.0, was in the local and regional news for an event I organized in public high schools with the cultural association EduTube.