About me

I’m a researcher in social complexity. I am currently a Postdoc at the Computational Social Science group at ETH, Zurich and a previous Marie Curie Fellow. My research revolves around opinions and collective intelligence using cutting-edge methodologies that combine many different disciplines.

Usually, I don’t care about showing off my results, but I know some people want to know if I deserve funding, trust, etc. If that is the case, here are my research highlights

1. Authorship in high-impact journals (two of which in Springer Nature with impact factor as big as 39) and in a worldwide patent.

2. Almost 1 Million EUR awarded for research projects, including a Marie Curie Fellowship.  

3. Appearance on national news, podcast, and production of a YouTube channel whose top video passed 14’000 views.

Other keywords related to my research are: agent-based modelling, computational social science, belief network, complex systems, psychometrics and item-response theory.

Some of my main outputs have been on understanding how psychological measurements impact agent-based models and the development of a new method for analyzing opinions, called ResIN. If you are interested in my work, you can check the projects page. Otherwise, you can just enjoy looking at this dinosaur.