ResIN website

I’m thrilled to announce that we have launched a brand new website that’s completely dedicated to ResIN, a method that we developed for analyzing attitudes as networks. Our goal with this website is to make ResIN accessible to a wider audience, providing both an introduction and detailed information on the methodology.

Our website offers a wealth of information that can help you understand and apply the method. We have a concise explanation of the approach, as well as its benefits and potential applications for those who want to get started quickly.

For those who want to go more in-depth, we provide a thorough overview of the methodology and its theoretical foundations. Additionally, we offer a complete Python tutorial that guides users through the process of cleaning the dataset, visualizing and exploring it using different methodologies. This tutorial enables users to get hands-on experience with the method and gain a solid understanding of its capabilities.

Our goal is for this website to be a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners who are interested in using ResIN to analyze attitudes as networks. We believe that ResIN has the potential to provide insights into complex attitudes that were previously difficult to uncover using traditional methods, and we’re excited to see how it will be applied in the future.

We invite you to visit our website and explore ResIN for yourself. We’re confident that you’ll find it to be a powerful and innovative approach to attitude analysis.

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