A new identity

I have been thinking for a long time about what to do with this website, as well as with my youtube channel. The main problem was that I wanted to distinguish between my work and my communication activities.

However, as many academics, I pretty much have no time. This means that it is already hard for me to have one website. Two of them would be simply impossible.

Because of that, I decided to merge them, creating this new identity for the website. From now on we will have both information about me and what I am working on, as well as more general information.

I also came to this conclusion as many topics I wanted to discuss were someway both work-related and also for a broader audience. This was finally resulting in duplicate articles and a lot of useless work.

I hope I will be able to distinguish between technical content and what, instead, should be aimed at beginners. I will update quite soon with a method for distinguishing between them.

In any case, welcome back to Dino Carpentras + Social Complexity!