5 new events in May!

This month will be quite busy as I will partake in multiple communication events. All of them revolve around topics that are very important to me: belief network analysis/ResIN, measurement of constructs, and my recent work on how to achieve decentralized self-governance and crowd intelligence.

I will update this page with the respective links for the public events as soon as I have them. In any case, you will find the slides here right after the event.

  • Presentation: “Attitude networks and crowd creativity” – DSI Brown Bag Lunch – 9 May
  • Panel discussion on transformations in the sciences and the ethics of reproducible science – Course on Digital Ethics and Politics – 9 May
  • Presentation “The risk of the measurement approach and some ways to solve it” – at Digital Twin Workshop – 25 May
  • Presentation “Analyzing Attitudes as Complex Networks – Methods and Findings” – Distinguished 4IR webinar series at the University of Johannesburg – 26 May
  • Presentation “ResIN: A method for analyzing attitude networks and attitude positioning on a latent space” – at University of Lausanne – 30 May
Audience at the conference hall. Business Conference and Presentation